Listener Questions and Answers – EP 162

Listener Questions and Answers

Today’s episode is a question and answer show, where we answer questions from listeners like you!


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The Historic New Orleans Collection

Support comes from The Historic New Orleans Collection, the city’s premiere history museum, located at five twenty Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter.

Current exhibits include “French Quarter Life: People and Places in the Vieux Carre” For more than 150 years, artists from around the world have worked to capture and share their impressions of New Orleans’s most iconic and historic neighborhood. This exhibition gathers 22 paintings from the museum’s permanent collection. From the bustle of the French Market to the jazzmen of Preservation Hall, these artworks explore the streets, buildings, and people of the French Quarter through time and a variety of techniques. It runs through August 28, 2022.

Go to to plan your trip.


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One of those Jeanne How asked if I would give a shout out to her fiancée Matthew. His birthday was back in March but the podcast schedule has been wacky so I haven’t been able to do it. I hope you’re having a great year Matthew!

My Book

I have a book! The Beyond Bourbon Street Insider’s Guide to New Orleans officially released on May 1st. You can find it online at major retailers like Amazon, Bookshop, Barnes and Noble and more.

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Time Stamps for Today’s Show

05:42 – What is your favorite, casual restaurant right now? Narrow it to the Garden District?

06:48 – I’m hoping to visit New Orleans during the Christmas season. Are Reveillon dinners only offered on Christmas Eve or is typically the entire month of December?

08:32 – My question is, what are some things you are your family do to cope with the brutal heat of the summer months?

12:08 – How do locals feel about all of their “hidden gems” not being so hidden anymore?

15:08 – Has there been any update on the opening of the Backstreet Cultural Museum?

17:17 – Which swamp tours do you recommend?

18:46 – There’s always lots of chatter online about increased crime. What’s it like on the ground – are people feeling anxious about this, or is it status quo?

25:34 – I think it would be interesting if you mentioned some of your favorite books (fiction and non-fiction) about New Orleans. Books that really capture the city.

35:11 – A buddy and I are considering riding in this year’s Krewe of Boo Halloween parade. Wondering if you might have any helpful tips for first-time, out-of-town float riders? Also, any favorite costume shops you can recommend in or around the French Quarter?

38:31 – My husband and I will be returning with our son (9) in mid-October. Anything specific to that time of the year that is great for families that love to have fun?

41:55 – If you ever want to talk mirliton I’m happy to help.

42:33 – Have you interviewed Jalence Isles? She is the founder of Where Black NOLA Eats and a serious champion of black owned restaurants in the city.

45:40 – I am an alum of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and would love to know more about the Gentilly Neighborhood and how it have changed over the years.

47:01 – My daughter and I love New Orleans. She loves New Orleans so much that she is starting at Tulane as a freshman this year! She moves in August 15th. My husband has never been to New Orleans!! I’m looking for suggestions of things to do that will show him how awesome the city is – while simultaneously escaping the heat.

48:33 – What if you covered a topic that’s been done, like Mardi Gras – but from a different perspective? Have someone on from a krewe, and they can explain what it’s like, how to join (can we live out of state?), what it means to be a part of their krewe. Even a few different people from different krewes…

49:40 – What about someone like Mason Hereford from Turkey and the Wolf. His cookbook just came out (just and he recently competed on Iron Chef? Not just him but Isaac Toups too. They worked together for raising funds for Ukranian refugees.

51:33 – I think a great topic for a future show would be uniquely New Orleans charities and non-profits. Bridge House Grace House comes to mind and so many others would be great to highlight and celebrate. There is so much good being done in our city

53:04 – Perhaps you could interview someone from the Krewe of Red Beans about their community work.

53:54 – What are a couple food/drink, New Orleans History and Voodoo/Ghost tours you would recommend?

56:43 – I’ve heard that taking a ferry ride to Algiers and walking the bank is a good way to spend an hour or two seeing New Orleans from a different point of view, but I’ve also read that the ferry schedule can be inconsistent and somewhat unreliable to plan a day around. What are your thoughts?

58:53 – I am a big planner- planning is part of the fun for me, even if we don’t stick to all my plans. Many others, however, believe the best way to enjoy a few days in New Orleans is to go light on the planning and just let the trip happen on its own. What are your thoughts?

1:02:57 – Have you interviewed Sam Malvaney? He lives in the FQ and his home is called the Museum of Bad Taste.

1:03:20 – How did you start your podcast and what has been the best and worst things about it that you didn’t expect?

1:07:49 – Is there TV or local icons that are New Orleans Legends ? Such as kids show hosts or guys that did local tv variety shows or similar? Who are celebrities that claim New Orleans as home that might surprise us ?

1:13:52 What’s the deal with BIG SHOT soda?
Was a New Orleans based soda company with flavors including grape, pineapple, strawberry, black cherry, root beer, creme soda and more. Now owned by a national company

1:15:25 – Is there something happening in town that’s causing businesses to close besides the current economy?

1:19:43 – Been a yearly visitor since Mardi Gras 1990. Just got your book this week. It’s a definite thumbs up!

1:19:52 – Someone in here asked about the history of the fleur de Lis in New Orleans. French, Italian, Catholic, French Canadian? I’d love to hear an episode on that.

1:20:13 – How easy/hard is it to get into Kermit Ruffin’s Mother-In-Law-Lounge? Is it safe to travel to and more importantly from?

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