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So You Want to Start a Podcast?
Podcasting is a great way to build your brand and connect with an audience. It’s simple to do, but it’s not easy. Do you have an idea? An existing business? Do you want to create a podcast for business or to share a hobby or passion? If so, I can help.
I would start sooner. I was paralyzed by a million small decisions. What equipment do I need? How do I put my podcast into the world? How do I find my voice?

Podcasting 101

Why Work with a Professional?

If you had it to do all over again…

I would start sooner. I was paralyzed by a million small decisions. What equipment do I need? How do I put my podcast into the world? How do I find my voice? In hindsight, so many of those answers only come by making the leap. The choices of equipment, where to host, etc. can be made easy by working with an expert like me. That’s what I did, and attribute a lot of my success to learning from others.

Most Common (and Expensive) Mistakes to Avoid

I see new podcasters repeatedly making the same mistakes.

  • Buying equipment they don’t need. 
  • Worrying about monetization too soon
  • Thinking about themselves and not their audience 
  • Being impatient
  • Not doing their market research
Mark Bologna in a Group Discussion

Working with Mark

The Best Way to Avoid Rookie Mistakes
I’ve been a successful podcaster since 2015. Beyond Bourbon Street has been downloaded more than 1.3 million times. Additionally, I’ve helped many individuals and companies launch their own podcasts. You can learn from my mistakes, and I can help you get through the common pitfalls more quickly than you will on your own.
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Mark Bologna Podcasting Consultant

Case Studies

Starting a podcast can feel overwhelming. Everyone I've worked with, including myself, felt the same way. But after working with a professional, my clients found a path forward for their podcasts. I think you will too.

Drink and Learn

When Elizabeth Pearce came to me, she had an established brand, but was unsure how to create a podcast. To complicate matters, her partner soon moved across the country. We worked together to take Drink and Learn from an idea to a podcast by figuring out the best equipment for their needs, the format, editing, and how to incorporate a variety of formats, including solo shows, interviews, and the two of them. Working together, we saved Elizabeth time and money, and helped her launch Drink and Learn.

Flavor Down South

Rudy, like Elizabeth, had an existing brand and wanted to start a podcast, pairing audio and video content. We worked together to find the right equipment and to create a template for his show.

Here’s Rudy in his own words:
"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mark and look forward to future opportunities to work with him again. His insights and skills in launching, hosting, and producing Podcasts were invaluable and something I have benefited from many times since the launch of my new Podcast. The lessons learned from working with Mark have helped me avoid other mistakes and pitfalls that would have come back to haunt me. I am appreciative of his continued support and thankful to have his ear. I recommend anyone looking to start a podcast or any business to consult with Mark. His integrity is admirable, as his desire to do things right the first time and not have to revisit issues due to shortcuts taken is indebted."

Rudy "Da Foodie" Rayfield Jr.
Creator and Host of Flavor Down South Podcast

The Keenya Kelly Podcast

Keenya Kelly is a serial entrepreneur bursting with ideas. We worked together to narrow her focus and test ideas with her existing community. Like so many others, Keenya needed guidance on equipment, show format, intro music and more. She had looked at free online resources and was confused and overwhelmed. Working together, we created a step by step approach, taking her from idea for The Keeyna Kelly Podcast from launch and beyond.

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