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Hi! My name is Mark Bologna, and I am host of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast. I am a resident of New Orleans, a husband, and a proud father of twin girls. I am also an avid runner.

I was born and raised in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans, which is situated in close proximity to Lake Pontchartrain. My family owned Teddy's Grill, a beloved local restaurant that was renowned for its slow-cooked roast beef po-boys, stewed chicken, and red beans and rice. The culinary arts have always played a significant role in New Orleans culture, and I am honored to have grown up in a family that contributed to this tradition.

In December 2015, I launched the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast. This biweekly podcast provides listeners with an immersive experience of the diverse and vibrant culture of New Orleans. Through the show, I delve into the history, music, people, and places that make New Orleans such a unique and captivating city.

Mark Bologna is an expert about New Orleans because he is a native of the city, born and raised in the Gentilly neighborhood.

About Mark

An Insider’s Formative Years

Growing up in the restaurant business in New Orleans was a wonderful experience. I spent my mornings at the French Market with my parents, buying produce fresh from the ships. I learned what it takes to bring a meal to the table, and the value of hard work. As a local institution frequented by people from all over New Orleans, I got to know musicians, chefs, professional athletes, culture bearers, and regular New Orleanians and their stories.

I was also inspired by my Maw Maw, my maternal grandmother. She never learned to drive, but that didn’t stop her for taking us on adventures throughout the city.

What Qualifies You as an Expert in All Things NOLA?

Mark Bologna is an expert about New Orleans because he is a native of the city, born and raised in the Gentilly neighborhood. Growing up, his family owned a local restaurant, Teddy's Grill, which was a community staple known for its delicious food. He has a deep understanding of the culture, history, music, and people of New Orleans, and has spent years exploring and experiencing the city firsthand.

In addition to his personal experience and expertise, Mark also conducts extensive research and interviews with local experts to provide listeners of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast with a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of the city. His passion for New Orleans and commitment to sharing its rich culture with others make him a respected and knowledgeable authority on the subject.

Mark Bologna in a Group Discussion

The Beyond Bourbon Street Podcast

Why Start a Podcast?
For me, a great podcast is all about the content and the stories. What’s the backstory, why is the topic important, and who is it for? Terrific podcasts entertain and educate, and they have a particular listener in mind. They aren’t all things for all people. With Beyond Bourbon Street for instance, even the title sets the stage for what it is and isn’t. I’m not all encompassing in my content.  Instead, I am focused on sharing with you my lens of New Orleans. I introduce you to the people, places, food, and things I enjoy and that I would take you to if you were visiting me.

How the Sausage is Made

Podcasting is simple, but not easy. You record your voice and maybe that of a guest, then you share it with the world online. The challenge is in the details. What’s your voice? Your perspective? How are you different from the others out there? People are busy. Why should they give you their time?

Once you get past those questions, there is the technology and the gear. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the resulting audio quality must be high. Even if your topic and delivery is terrific, people won’t tolerate poor audio. Remember, podcasting is intimate; you are in people’s ears. They expect quality.

Podcasting is not an easy or quick way to make money. Focus must always be on the listener. If you do that well, and find a community, money might follow. But you can’t go looking for the money first.

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Public Speaking

Do you have an upcoming event? Mark is a native New Orleanian, a published author, and a podcaster sharing New Orleans with his audience since 2015. He is available to speak to groups large and small, in New Orleans and elsewhere, in person or via Zoom. Martk will customize his presentation for your audience.


In May 2023, Mark released the Beyond Bourbon Street Insider’s Travel Guide to New Orleans, Published by Globe Pequot Press, the book is like having Mark as your travel companion while you explore New Orleans. It takes a deep dive into many of the places Mark would take you if you were visiting him.

Podcast Consultant

Want to start your own podcast? Mark can work with you individually, or as part of a group. He’ll help you go from idea to launch, using the experience he’s gained since 2015.
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