Advertising Opportunities

Do you have a business that is a good fit for our audience? If so, read below to find out how to reach our audience through our advertising options.

Advertising on Air

We currently offer two types of ads. One is approximately 30 seconds long, and is typically placed at the beginning or end of the episode (typically called a pre-roll or end-roll ad). Our 2nd offering is approximately 60 seconds long, and is placed mid-roll when appropriate.

The main differences are placement in the episode and length. The longer ad spot allows us more creativity, and the ability to dive deeper into your offerings. We may also do mini-interviews in that slot, where we talk to the business owner. A 60 second ad would be placed mid-roll unless the content is sensitive and just doesn’t seem appropriate to interrupt with an ad. (We would let you know this ahead of time.)



In both cases, we ideally like to offer the listener a discount using a code where possible. This enables both you and us to track purchases made as a result of the ad.

 Each new episode of the podcast averages 4,200 + downloads in the first 30 days after release. Additionally, the podcast is typically downloaded 20k+ times per month (this means any episode of Beyond Bourbon St). Since launch, the podcast has been downloaded 1.3M+ times as of June 2023.

 When you purchase an ad with Beyond Bourbon St it will remain on that episode forever, unless the sponsoring business does something unethical or goes out of business. This means listeners who discover Beyond Bourbon St years from now will hear the ads. This is not unusual behavior – when podcast listeners ‘discover’ a podcast, they often go back and binge listen to previous episodes.

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Partner Sponsor

Since 2016, Beyond Bourbon Street has become THE podcast about New Orleans and is consistently ranked as the #1 podcast in Apple Podcasts solely focused on the city. Regarded as a resource for visitors, locals, and those who have decided to move to New Orleans, it’s been downloaded more than 1.3M+ (spread across 182 episodes, as of June 2023). Media kit available on request for additional details.

Why Preferred Partners?

There are limited on-air sponsorship spots available, yet we are continually asked about partnership opportunities. The Preferred Partners program is the response to this demand.

What is it?

A list of businesses that we’re authentically aligned with AND believe to be a good fit for both our podcast listeners and our community.

How does it work?

Businesses gain exposure to a targeted audience of warm leads that already like New Orleans, and trust me. This is much more likely to lead to conversions than a shotgun approach using generic ads in traditional media. Our on-air partners have seen a positive ROI, as have the many businesses we recommend in response to questions on our podcast and in our Facebook community.

We have a dedicated Preferred Partners Page on our website. Each partner entry includes:

  • Your business logo with a link to your website
  • List of partners and discount codes in our Facebook group (15k members)
  • Optional: description of your business on our website
  • Optional, but highly encouraged: Discount code our listeners and community can use when purchasing your products or services
  • Possible mention on the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast if unsold sponsor space is available
  • Possible onsite recording of podcast (though not about the business per se)

 Premise: We will drive traffic to you by sending podcast listeners, social media followers, and members of our Facebook private group to preferred vendors. Think ‘Angie’s List’ but for people who love New Orleans and come to me as a resource. We will also highlight preferred partners on social media including in our Facebook community and our Facebook business page, as well as other social media.

We will occasionally host a thread in the Beyond Bourbon Street Krewe Facebook group that is limited only to our preferred partners. You’ll be able to answer questions we pose while also sharing some info about what you offer. In this way, our community will get to know and connect with you.

As this program continues to grow, you will be part of a special community. In nearly a decade of doing podcasts about New Orleans, what I’ve found are businesses that are a great match for each other, but don’t know the other one exists. I have been able to connect those business owners together.

Ready to get started or have questions? Just click the button below, and send me an email through the contact form! I'll follow up with you ASAP.

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