18 Questions About New Orleans – Episode #123

18 Questions About New Orleans

In today’s episode I answer 18 questions (mostly) about New Orleans. These questions were submitted by listeners like you.

We cover everything from how hurricanes impact home prices to the Mother-in-Law lounge, and more.


04:32 – With Louisiana having had a record 5 hurricanes hit this year it it still a safe place to move to and live? Or, due to this fatigue are long term residents finally moving elsewhere?

06:30 – How are the real estate prices affected by the hurricanes? There is a national trend, due to Covid, to move out of the city and to the burbs? Is this happening in NOLA? Are the real estate prices going down at all?

09:30 – Has been any talk of Mardi Gras being cancelled next year. Also, has it been cancelled in the past?

10:45 – What got you started in podcasting? Do you have any favorite podcasts?

14:30 – What’s your best pothole story? Either a “I didn’t see it and hit it so hard and my soul left my body” story, or an eternal pothole that has always been there and keeps being a source if “entertainment.”

15:45 – Have you ever been to the Mother In Law Lounge?

17:00 – How are the buskers doing during covid? I know lots of musicians like Glen David Andrews, Kermit, and jon Cleary are doing online stuff relying on tips and doing local porch gigs..but how are the other guys?

18:15 – What would be your last drink instead of last meal? The where and why?

19:05 – For people considering buying a home in New Orleans, how much does flood zone factor into the considerations? Areas that flooded after Katrina like Lakeview and mid-city have repopulated. Assuming levees hold, and the home is somewhat elevated, do people just pay for flood insurance and hope for the best?

22:30 – What’s your favorite “touristy” thing to do in the city? I love the bike tours!

23:36 – Has Richard Campanella written about Acadiana?

25:00 – What are the best restaurants to eat at on Thanksgiving?

26:20 – What is your favorite episode?

27:45 – What has been a fan favorite that you might not have expected?

28:35 – What is an aspect of your city that the podcast made you see differently?

30:00 – Is there a piece of equipment that has made your podcasts better? What is it, & how does it help you?

31:40 – What has it been like maintaining the BBS Krewe page? What positive things have come of it?

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