Ten Places to Eat Like a Local in New Orleans

Ten Places to Eat Like a Local in New Orleans

Ten Places to Eat Like a Local

Ever wonder where the locals eat? Today, we answer that question. At least from this local’s perspective!

In episode 37 I cover ten places in New Orleans I frequently recommend.

Some of these are well known. Others are off the beaten path.

This list includes neighborhood restaurants and a trio of New Orleans Creole Bistros. You’ll find a steak house and a Thai restaurant. A great place for Italian, and a French bistro. There also might be a little lagniappe near the end of the show.

We discuss when to go, how to get there, and what to order. All this and more in today’s episode of Beyond Bourbon Street!


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New Orleans is so much more than the Bourbon Street scenes you may have seen–– it’s a 300-year-old city made up of vibrant neighborhoods, diverse populations, and traditions layered upon each other.
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