The Mardi Gras Survival Guide
Mardi Gras Parade Ladder

Mardi Gras Parade Ladder

Mardi Gras Survival Guide

During today’s episode we discuss how to get the most out of your Mardi Gras experience.  We go over a pre-travel planning checklist including when to visit, where to stay and what to pack.  Next, we cover what to do and see once you arrive in New Orleans.  We also cover parking and safety as the essentials you need to take with you on the parade route.

We go into detail about the two weeks leading up to Mardi Gras, and cover the parades and where to watch, as well as some of the history of the Carnival organizations (much more detail about the history in episode 3:

How to Experience Mardi Gras Even if You Aren’t in New Orleans

Order a king cake and have it shipped to you from one of Mark’s favorites:

Haydel’s Bakery

Manny Randazzo’s King Cakes

Joe Gambino’s Bakery


Watch the parades as they roll via a series of parade cams:
Watch the meeting of the courts of Comus & Rex via live streaming on Mardi Gras evening:


The Historic New Orleans Collection

Support comes from The Historic New Orleans Collection, the city’s premiere history museum, located at five twenty Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter. 

Check out their online publication called First Draft. Its’ a combination blog and online exhibition space.

From December 8, 2023 – May 10, 2024 check out their exhibit titled A Mystic Brotherhood: Fraternal Orders of New Orleans

For centuries, Freemasons, Odd Fellows, and other similar fraternal organizations have contributed to the network of benevolent and mutual aid societies that cradle New Orleans’s social, cultural, and civic life.

Through objects and images drawn from THNOC’s collections, the new exhibition  explores the sometimes-hidden history of these organizations and illuminates how they helped shape today’s city. 

Additionally, their permanent exhibit on French Quarter life is an immersive experience worth a visit. As always, the Historic New Orleans Collection is free. It’s somehow continues to fly under the radar, but should not be missed.

Go to to plan your trip.

Accidental Cajun Photography

If you own a copy of the Beyond Bourbon St travel guide, you’ve seen the work of James Cullen of Accidental Cajun Photography.

Whether it’s portraits, events, weddings or lifestyle or photojournalism, Accidental Cajun Photography provides quality and value.

James also offers photography instruction and sells his fine art prints at For inquiries email at


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