17 Listener Questions about New Orleans – Episode #97

In this episode we answer listener questions about New Orleans.

What are the quirky things you enjoy about New Orleans? How do you convince someone to move to the Crescent City? Is living in a tourist city exciting or annoying?

Stay tuned for the the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Beyond Bourbon St podcast.

Time Stamps

2:38 Are the Popeyes in New Orleans really different from those in other places?

3:56 How is it living in a tourist city? Is it exciting or annoying ?

6:00 What are your favorite Holliday traditions that are unique to the area?

8:48 How are the public libraries in New Orleans?

11:46 What breakfast meal is iconic New Orleans? Where can I find it?

14:26 What are the most overrated New Orleans things/foods?

16:38 What are some best practices for convincing someone to move to the city?

20:06 Do New Orleans residents avoid the French Quarter because of the tourists or cherish it because of the amazing, historic restaurants and bars?

21:46 I’m curious about the end of Fat Tuesday. The New Orleans Police Department marches down Bourbon St. & tells people to “go home.” Does that really work? Does everybody really leave?

24:16 What are some of your favorite casual & not too expensive restaurants?

29:30 Tips or ideas for bringing teenagers to New Orleans? Do any daiquiri shops have non-alcoholic options?

32:48 What’s the reasoning behind the mid year Mardi Gras? Who started this and why?

36:36 What are your favorite quirks about New Orleans? What little things do you keep an eye out for when you’re wandering or things that you know about and can’t go without seeing? Check out Atlas Obscura and type in New Orleans.

42:56 I have health issues that sometimes makes walking difficult. Can you recommend tours that could accommodate me? Take a look at the Nolla Rolla website created by Jesse Bascle.

44:57 Headed to New Orleans the weekend before Mardi Gras next year. Any advice for the newbie?

47:00 What’s the best way to eat bbq shrimp?

49:30 When are we doing a Beyond Bourbon St. meetup?

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New Orleans is so much more than the Bourbon Street scenes you may have seen–– it’s a 300-year-old city made up of vibrant neighborhoods, diverse populations, and traditions layered upon each other.
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