Trixie Minx and Burlesque in New Orleans

Burlesque in New Orleans

Today’s episode is all about burlesque in New Orleans. We’ll explore a bit of the history and the current scene.

The art of burlesque has a storied history in New Orleans, and thanks in large part to my guest today, has undergone a resurgence in the years since Katrina.

Trixie Minx has been a part of multiple productions, created her own company, and now teaches others how to perform burlesque. Join us for a titillating discussion!


Want to see a burlesque show in New Orleans? Are you interested in learning the art of burlesque? If either is true, take a peek at Trixie’s website.

There, you’ll find a list of shows and a link to purchase tickets. You can also learn more about Trixie’s Burlesque Boutique.


The Historic New Orleans Collection

Support comes from The Historic New Orleans Collection, the city’s premiere history museum, located at five twenty Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter.

Check out their online publication called First Draft. Its’ a combination blog and online exhibition space.

Right now, there are two special exhibits. One is  Notre-Dame de Paris: The Augmented Exhibition 

It started on November 15, 2022 and continues through March 1, 2023.Immerse yourself in the 850-year history of Notre-Dame Cathedral with this augmented reality experience produced by the French technology firm Histovery. 

It’s a traveling exhibit and really a one of a kind experience. You basically get a tablet and are able to walk through the cathedral through history. They somehow update it every day or two so you can see the restoration taking place in near real time.

The 2nd temporary exhibit is  French Quarter Life: People and Places in the Vieux Carré. It runs through  April 1, 2023 and features artists from around the world who have worked to capture and share their impressions of New Orleans’s most iconic and historic neighborhood.

As always, the Historic New Orleans Collection is free. It’s somehow continues to fly under the radar, but should not be missed.

Go to to plan your trip.

A Public Service Announcement of Sorts

The Historic New Orleans Collection is is working with the LGBTQ+ Archives Project and a call for book proposals about the history of queer communities of color in New Orleans.

The author of the selected proposal will be offered a book contract
and will receive $10,000 in startup funding.This book is intended for a general reading audience. It should be a work of research and
reporting rather than a memoir.

Proposals should be submitted to Terri Simon at on or before March 1,2023.


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