The Dew Drop Inn

Dew Drop Inn Outside nearing completion of renovations
Dew Drop Inn

Honoring Musical Legends: Curtis Doucette and the Restoration of the Dew Drop Inn

Does the story of a forgotten cultural landmark, at the crossroads of history and music, resonate with you?

Preservationist developer Curtis Doucette breathes life into the historic Dew Drop Inn, fighting to restore its musical legacy and create a space that honors the past while embracing a diverse future.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unearth the transformative journey of the Dew Drop Inn and its rebirth in New Orleans.
  • Gain insights into how the Dew Drop Inn shaped the civil rights movement.
  • Learn how the restoration project is empowering small, disadvantaged businesses.
  • Appreciate the dedicated efforts to preserve the pulsating cultural and musical heritage of New Orleans.
  • Discover how the Dew Drop Inn will serve as an interactive history hub for visitors.

“Our goal with the Dew Drop Inn project is to restore it to its former glory and be as close to what it used to be as possible.” – Curtis Doucette


The Historic New Orleans Collection

Support comes from The Historic New Orleans Collection, the city’s premiere history museum, located at five twenty Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter. 

Check out their online publication called First Draft. Its’ a combination blog and online exhibition space.

Through November 5, 2023, check out  their exhibit about women’s right to vote. Titled, “Yet She Is Advancing”: New Orleans Women and the Right to Vote, 1878–1970 

The 19th amendment granted American women the right to vote, in 1920,  but Louisiana laws effectively disenfranchised Black women. 

As many white women began going to the polls and increasing their political participation in segregation-era New Orleans, African American women continued to fight for access to the ballot.

This exhibit tells a decades-long story through objects, images, documents, and interactive displays—and through the words of the New Orleans women who for nearly 100 years persisted in their struggle to obtain the vote.

And until October 8, 2023 you can check out the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith.

As always, the Historic New Orleans Collection is free. It’s somehow continues to fly under the radar, but should not be missed.

Go to to plan your trip.

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Thank You

Thanks to Curtis Doucette for joining me today! Thanks also to our podcast editor Joel Sharpton from Pro Podcast Services. 

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