Pedal Power: Exploring New Orleans by Bike

Pedal Power: Exploring New Orleans by Bike

Are you ready to explore the vibrant streets of New Orleans by bike, but worried about your safety? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Join Allene La Spina and Chris Parker as they reveal the truth (good and bad) about exploring New Orleans by bike and staying safe in a city where biking is a way of life for many.

Allene and Chris have dedicated themselves to advocating for safe and accessible biking for all. But as they reveal, progress is slow and challenges persist, leaving them with a question: how can we make the streets safer for everyone?

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Grasp the critical role of advocating for better biking infrastructure in New Orleans and its potential impact.
  • Discover exciting ways to experience the Big Easy on two wheels and prioritize personal safety while doing so.
  • Identify the obstacles and openings present for cycling enthusiasts in New Orleans and how to navigate them.
  • Delve into recent advancements and ongoing efforts in making the Crescent City increasingly bike-friendly.
  • Understand the necessity for data-driven methods and the power of community contribution in promoting cycling culture.


Bike – your resource for classes, safety information, group rides, and more.

Bike Uneasy  – a Facebook group whose mission is to take a stand against the dangers faced by vulnerable road users, like people who walk and people who ride.

Blue Bikes Nola – New Orleans Bike Share


The Historic New Orleans Collection

Support comes from The Historic New Orleans Collection, the city’s premiere history museum, located at five twenty Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter. 

Check out their online publication called First Draft. Its’ a combination blog and online exhibition space. 

Through November 5, 2023, check out  their exhibit about women’s right to vote. Titled, “Yet She Is Advancing”: New Orleans Women and the Right to Vote, 1878–1970 

The 19th amendment granted American women the right to vote, in 1920,  but Louisiana laws effectively disenfranchised Black women. 

As many white women began going to the polls and increasing their political participation in segregation-era New Orleans, African American women continued to fight for access to the ballot. From paying their poll taxes to organizing voter registration drives, Black women challenged their status as second-class citizens up to and through the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This exhibit tells a decades-long story through objects, images, documents, and interactive displays—and through the words of the New Orleans women who for nearly 100 years persisted in their struggle to obtain the vote.

As always, the Historic New Orleans Collection is free. It’s somehow continues to fly under the radar, but should not be missed.

Go to  to plan your trip.

Liz Wood Realty

The most frequent questions I get are about moving to New Orleans. If you are ready to make the move, you need a good realtor.

That’s where Liz Wood comes in.

Let Liz and her team over at Liz Wood Realty help you find the right place. They can help whether you plan to rent or purchase

New Orleans is a terrific city, but choosing the neighborhood that’s the best fit for you can be overwhelming.

Liz makes the process fun and easy. Reach out to Liz at and make your dream of living in New Orleans a reality. Several members of our community have done just that and are thrilled with their new homes You will be, too!

The other thing that sets Liz apart is what she does after she helps you find a home. Liz does a great job at building community and helping you get connected with people in your new area. When you’re ready to make New Orleans home, reach out to Liz.

Tommy Manzella At Gulf Coast Bank 

While you are working with Liz you need to secure financing. Reach out to Tommy Manzella at Gulf Coast Bank and let him help you get everything in place. 

That’s what we did on our refi and it was as smooth as could be. We went through the same process with Tommy when we were considering purchasing a new home and it was just as easy. Tommy Manzella | Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

Two Chicks Walking Tours

Long time listeners probably remember the crew over at Two Chicks operates intentionally small public walks (14 guests compared to 28 so half the size of the city ordinance) seven days a week. These experiences are focused in the Garden District and French Quarter neighborhoods. 

Two Chicks is also also producing private curated walks for groups sized 1 – 200 when called upon. 

While the team is female lead they do have a rooster strutting around and there are tour guides from before the lockdown still on staff. 

See you on the streets!

Find out more at 

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Thanks to Alline La Spina and Chris Parker for joining me today. Thanks also to Joel Sharpton at Pro Podcasting Services for editing the podcast.

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