New Orleans Music Madness Part 1 – EP113
Louis Armstrong with Signature Handkerchief
Louis Armstrong

Today’s episode is the first of three in a row about New Orleans music.

The Historic New Orleans Collection (THNOC) recently did an online tournament where they matched New Orleans music against each other in an NCAA March Madness style bracket they called Music Madness.

People were invited to vote and they published the results online, while also linking to the launch of an online exhibit, called New Orleans Medley: Sounds of the City.

Eli Haddow and Teresa Devlin over at THNOC suggested it might be fun if I filled out my own bracket and talked about my selections. I’ve taken the challenge and will guide you through the first 16 of 32 first round selections on today’s show. We’ll cover jazz greats like Jelly Roll Morton, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong and more.


THNOC’s Music Madness playlist is available on You Tube here or you can click it below.

To see the bracket, visit the THNOC webpage.

Use this link to skip the brackets and go straight to their online exhibit, New Orleans Medley: Sounds of the City!

Here are my selections:

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Thanks to Eli Haddow and Teresa Devlin at THNOC for working with me to develop the idea for this episode. Thanks to Eric Seiferth for curating the Music Madness bracket.

Thanks to Joel Sharpton from Pro Podcasting Services for being the intro voice of the podcast. Thanks also to Scott McCrossen for the artwork, logo, and branding that makes Beyond Bourbon Street stand out.

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