Moving to New Orleans, Part Two – Episode 50

New Orleans Neighboroods

Moving to New Orleans

Have you ever thought about moving to New Orleans, but didn’t know where to start? We’re here for you!

This is the 2nd of our two part series all about moving to New Orleans! If you missed the first part back in episode 48, check it out on our website, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher.

In today’s show, I sit down with Chris Smith, one of the top realtors in New Orleans. Chris helped my wife and I find the perfect home for us when we decided to come back home to New Orleans in 2011. In today’s episode, Chris will help you get started finding the home that’s right for you.

You’ll hear us talk about:
  • how to choose a neighborhood
  • figuring out what’s really important to you
  • safety
  • the definition of anchors and why they matter
We cover New Orleans from Uptown to Downtown, from Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River and beyond. By the end of today’s show, you’ll have enough information to get you on the right track.
All this and more on today’s show!

Time Stamps for Today’s Episode

Here are the time stamps from today’s show. This will allow you to go back and listen to the specific parts that are most useful for you.
2:00     Meet Chris Smith
3:48     What neighborhood best matches your needs
6:30     Figuring out what is important to each person
7:00     Top 10 characteristics that are important to buyers
9:15     Mark’s experience finding the right New Orleans home
12:30   What is it we are trying to accomplish?
14:15   Walkability
17:00   Neighborhood anchors
19:10   Safety
22:30  Mention past episodes History of the Streetcar, Riverbend/Carrolton
26:40  Downton – the Marigny, Bywater and the French Quarter
30:00  Warehouse District, condos, lofts, & penthouses
31:20  West Bank & Algiers Point
32:20  Back to the Warehouse District and the CBD
34:00  Retirees, 2nd homes
34:50  Garden District
36:00  Lakeview
38:45  City Park, Midcity
40:20  Chris Smith final bits of advice


Once you’ve decided to call New Orleans home, you need a Realtor. By now you know Chris Smith is the best. Check out his website You’ll find his contact information, plus descriptions about the neighborhoods of New Orleans.

If you reach out to Chris, please let him know you heard him on the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast.

For the perspective of three people who moved to New Orleans, be sure to go back and listen to episode 48 – Moving to New Orleans, Part I. You’ll hear from Jennifer, Lara Beth, and Terry as they talk about their decisions along the way. It was a fun discussion and is a nice complement to this episode with Chris Smith.

If you want to research the walkability of a specific New Orleans neighborhood, check out You can pinpoint a specific address or just start by entering New Orleans.


Thank You

Thanks to Chris Smith for joining me on the podcast, and for helping us find the perfect New Orleans family home! Chris knows and loves New Orleans, and it shows. It was pleasure to share this episode with you all, and to catch up with a friend.


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