Drink Dat – Where and What to Drink in New Orleans, with Elizabeth Pearce – Episode #49

Author Elizabeth Pearce
Elizabeth Pearce. Author, cocktail historian, New Orleanian.
Author Elizabeth Pearce
Elizabeth Pearce. Author, cocktail historian, New Orleanian.

Drink Dat – Where and What to Drink in New Orleans

Do you ever wonder where the locals go for a cocktail in New Orleans? On today’s show, my guest, Elizabeth Pearce, helps answer that question for you!

Elizabeth is a storyteller, a cocktail historian, and a New Orleanian. She is the presenter of the Drink and Learn Tour, and the author of two books about drinking in New Orleans.

On today’s episode, we explore New Orleans through its bars and its cocktails. We not only cover where to get the best drinks, but we skim through nearly 300 years of New Orleans history along the way.

You’ll find lots of great places to visit, the history of some of the most famous drinks in New Orleans, and the importance of the go cup.

All this and more on today’s show!

Time Stamps for Today’s Episode

 1:20    Meet Elizabeth Pearce
1:45     Markey’s Bar in the Bywater
2:00    Drink Dat, French Quarter Drinking Companion, Drink and Learn tours
2:45     Born in Covington, not ‘just’ a New Orleanian (shout out to Elizabeth’s Mom!)
3:40     Shout out to the Northshore, Chad Almquist, and Matt May over at Canoe and Trail.com
4:00     Elizabeth explains that she is a real teacher
4:15      Elizabeth answers the question: how did I start doing this?
 7:00     French Quarter Drinking Companion
8:20     Drink Dat
— I got distracted here and forgot to make notes! —
22:00   Accidental City
25:20   The Sazerac, Peychaud’s bitters
30:40   Essential New Orleans drinks
31:20    In search of the Ramos Gin Fizz
32:20   The Grasshopper
34:00   Drink and Learn Tour
35:30   Hurricanes and Prohibition
40:00   Bourbon Street
44:20   Where would Elizabeth take you?
47:00   Bacchanal
49:00   Rooftop bars
52:00   Bars and possibilities
56:00   The go cup


You can sign up for Elizabeth’s Drink and Learn Tour over at her website: www.drinkandlearn.comBe sure to enter promo code BBST for a discount!

Follow Elizabeth (@drinkandlearn) on Instagram and on Twitter.

Her latest book, Drink Dat, is a concoction of equal parts guidebook and stories. Do make sure you purchase it! Here’s a link to find it a local bookstore near you.  You can also find it on Amazon.

For you French Quarter lovers, check out the French Quarter Drinking Companion, too.

Thank You

Thanks to Elizabeth Pearce for joining me on the podcast and sharing stories about the city we both love. Thanks also to Markey’s Bar in the Bywater – they didn’t know they were hosting us, but on the plus side, they didn’t throw us out, either!

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  1. Hey, great podcast! I’m planning to visit over Christmas and I’m so glad I found you. Fascinating stuff!

  2. I’ve listened to this podcast 3 times and each time I learn something different. I am visiting New Orleans the last week of June and will use the helpful information on great places to enjoy. Also we are going to take Elizabeth’s tour. Great information Mark!
    I am addicted to your podcast and look forward to the next episode every two weeks.
    By the way, you and your wife make a great team! Hope she will join you again.
    Thank you Mark!
    Sandy Norman
    Ft. Worth, Texas

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