Art of the City, Postmodern to Post-Katrina – Episode #90
Cityscape, by Krista Jurisich. Created in 1987. Gouache on paper.
Cityscape, by Krista Jurisich. Image used with permission by the Historic New Orleans Collection.

Art of the City, Postmodern to Post-Katrina

Art of the City, Postmodern to Post-Katrina highlights contemporary art in New Orleans. Presented by the Helis Foundation this is the first exhibit to be displayed in the The Historic New Orleans Collection’s Seignouret-Brulatour building.

Join me and curator/artist Jan Gilbert for a tour of the exhibit, and a discussion of contemporary art in New Orleans. Jan’s enthusiasm for the art and the artists really comes through in our discussion!


Click here to learn more about The Historic New Orleans Collection. (THNOC)

Art of the City, Postmodern to Post-Katrina is a free exhibition that runs from April 6 – October 6, 2019.

During our discussion, Jan mentioned an incredible piece by Robin Reynolds titled New Orleans: Between Heaven and Hell. You should definitely check out THNOC’s online interactive version of this work.

NOTE: Once you open the site you can zoom in on the art. If you click on the images in the bottom half popups will appear with information, images, etc.

Jan Gilbert’s artwork and information about her many projects and interests can be found at

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Thank You

Thanks to Jan Gilbert for joining me today and guiding me through the exhibit. Please be sure to check out Jan’s art online and in the exhibit.

A special thanks to Eli Haddow at THNOC for connecting me to Jan and taking me on a tour of the new Seignouret-Brulatour building.

This exhibit would not be possible without funding provided by the Helis Foundation. Their work throughout New Orleans and their support of the art community makes our city more beautiful.

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