The Absinthe Frappe – Episode 192

Absinthe Resurgence: From Ban to Boom – A Conversation with Marielle Songy

Have you ever heard the myths surrounding absinthe?

Myth #1: Absinthe can make you hallucinate.
Myth #2: It was banned for being a dangerous drug.
Myth #3: The Green Fairy was a mystical presence associated with absinthe.

In this episode, our guest Marielle Songy will reveal the truth behind these intriguing tales and unravel the fascinating history and culture of absinthe.

Step into the captivating world of absinthe, where the threads of history intertwine with the allure of a mysterious elixir. Join Marielle Songy as she uncovers the secrets behind the enigmatic Absinthe Frappé, a cocktail that holds the key to New Orleans’ vibrant past. With every page turned, immerse yourself in the tales of bartenders and bans, controversies and creativity.

Marielle Songy, a food and culture writer from the New Orleans area, found herself captivated by the rich history and cultural significance of absinthe. When approached by LSU Press to write a book for their iconic New Orleans cocktail series, she was drawn to the Absinthe Frappé, a unique cocktail that originated in New Orleans.

With a love for absinthe and a desire to delve into its intriguing past, Marielle embarked on a journey to uncover the origins and stories behind this enigmatic spirit. From the invention of the Frappé to the controversies and bans surrounding absinthe, Marielle’s research allowed her to explore the deep connections between absinthe, art, and literature. Through her writing, she brings to life the vibrant history and cultural significance of absinthe, inviting readers on a journey of discovery into the world of this beloved and misunderstood spirit.

Absinthe has touched so much throughout history, in art and writing and things like that. It has a connection to New Orleans because of its French connections. – Marielle Songy

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the fascinating origins and cultural significance of absinthe, exploring its rich history and the myths that surround this infamous spirit.
  • Uncover the traditional method of serving absinthe, including the intriguing process of looshing and the ritualistic addition of sugar, elevating your absinthe experience to new heights.
  • Dive into the captivating story behind the invention of the absinthe frappé cocktail, a refreshing and popular drink in the late 19th century that will transport you to a bygone era of indulgence.
  • Learn about the pivotal role Ted Breaux played in lifting the absinthe ban, reintroducing this beloved spirit to the United States, and discover the secrets behind his Jade Liqueurs crafted with traditional herbs.
  • Explore the mesmerizing influence of absinthe on art and literature, discovering how famous artists and writers of the past were inspired by this enigmatic drink to create masterpieces that still captivate us today.


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