The West Bank of Greater New Orleans

The West Bank of Greater New Orleans

Today’s episode is a deep dive into the West Bank, that area across the river that even most New Orleanians don’t know much about.



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The Historic New Orleans Collection

Support provided by the Historic New Orleans Collection who presents the exhibition “John Clemmer: A Legacy in Art,” a comprehensive exploration of the life and work of a man who shaped the New Orleans art world for decades, often behind the scenes.

Discover his work, alongside pieces by 70 artists who called Clemmer an influence, teacher, or friend. Through November 7 at 520 Royal Street. Admission is free. Plan your visit at H-N-O-C dot org/exhibitions.

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Richard has written more than a dozen books covering many facets of New Orleans through his lens as a geographer. To pick up a copy of The West Bank of Greater New Orleans or any of the others, I suggest Octavia Booksor Richard’s own website.

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