Great Places to Eat Vegan & Vegetarian in New Orleans

Photo by Jessica Parker @NoAccountingForTaste on Instagram

Vegans and Vegeterians Can Enjoy a Great New Orleans Meal, too!

In this episode I talk with Jessica Parker, a New Orleanian in spirit and a frequent visitor who also happens to be a vegan. Together, we dive into great places to eat vegan and vegetarian  in the Crescent City. Along the way, we discover plenty of places to eat where vegans, vegeterians and meat lovers can all break bread together.

Even if you are not a vegan, you’ll find plenty of ideas for places to eat in New Orleans. The discussion was a lot of fun and I ended up with a great list of places to enjoy along with my friends who are vegan. This question has been coming up a lot recently, so I am excited to dve into this topic with Jessica.

Break out your paper and pen your note taking app (I use Evernote). We cover places to eat from the Bywater all the way to Riverbend. By the end of today’s show, you’ll know exactly where to eat vegan and vegeterian in New Orleans!


Find Jessica Online

You can find Jessica Parker on Instagram @NoAccountingForTaste and on the web at No Accounting for Taste. She has a love of all things vintage and fashion-related, as well as New Orleans. You can find her wonderful pictures on both Instagram and the website.

Resources This website has a comprehensive listing of places to eat and a map.

Facebook: Vegan New Orleans

More coming soon…

A Special Thanks! 

A big shout out to The Avenue Pub for hosting our show this week! They serve up an incredible selction of beer along with excellent food. We recorded on the back patio which is a fun place to spend a couple hours on a beautfiul New Orleans afternoon.

I also want to say thank to Jessica and her husband Bryan. We connected through the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast, and I am so apprecative they took the time to hang out with me during their vacation. Jessica was prepared for the interview – she had a list at the ready! I am very excited to share this one with you and would love to hear your feedback.


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