Southern Decadence- #145

Southern Decadence Today’s episode is about Southern Decadence and the wider topic of gay New Orleans. Sponsors The Historic New Orleans Collection Support comes from The Historic New Orleans Collection, whose new book Economy Hall has been called “lyrical and mysterious and always captivating” by the New York Times. Author Fatima Shaik follows the civil… Continue reading Southern Decadence- #145

Summer Festivals in New Orleans – Episode #63

Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans via Wikimedia Commons

Summer Festivals in New Orleans In today’s episode, we jump into the warm weather and help prepare you for Summer festivals in New Orleans! I am joined for the first time by my wife Marie Bologna. Together, we’ll walk you through nearly two dozen Summer festivals and events in New Orleans. You’ll learn about Bayou… Continue reading Summer Festivals in New Orleans – Episode #63