Paul Sanchez, New Orleans Songwriter – Episode #102
Paul Sanchez Playing Guitar at Parkway Bakery 2011
Paul Sanchez, Parkway Bakery 2011

Paul Sanchez, New Orleans Songwriter

Paul Sanchez is the best songwriter in New Orleans. He’s been writing songs and telling stories since he was six years old. Join us as we talk about New Orleans, music and storytelling.

Learn about the earliest days of Paul’s former band Cowboy Mouth, his connection to Steven Soderbergh, and who has the best singing voice in New Orleans.

This interview first aired in October 2016. My interview skills have improved since then, but listening to this one today made me smile. I hope it brings joy to you as well.

Give it a listen then check out Paul’s music online. His first solo release was Jet, Black and Jealous (1992). It’s still one of my favorite albums by any singer songwriter.

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Thank You

Thanks to Paul Sanchez for being a guest on the podcast. I could listen to his stories for days. Luckily, we all can through his music.

Thanks also to Joel Sharpton from Pro Podcasting Services for being the intro voice of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast.


If you would like to listen to Paul’s music, and/or purchase a CD or an album (yes!), here are several sources.

Here’s a link to a recent print interview with Paul in Offbeat Magazine by John Swenson. In it, Paul talks about his recent health challenges, his career in music, and a discovery about his family’s history.

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