National WWII Museum in New Orleans – Episode #70
December 8, 1944 commissioning photo of PT-305's first crew. Gift of Mitchell Cirlot to National WWII Museum.

December 8, 1944 commissioning photo of PT-305’s first crew. Gift of Mitchell Cirlot to National WWII Museum.

National WWII Museum in New Orleans

Did you know the National WWII Museum is in New Orleans? What’s the connection to WWII and New Orleans? Come along as we explore the museum and learn the answers to these questions and more!

Today’s guest is Dr. Robert Citino, Senior Historian at the National WWII Museum. Dr. Citino is an award-winning military historian and scholar. He published ten books and numerous articles about WWII and 20th century military history. Dr. Citino also taught at West Point for one year and for two years at the U.S. Army War College.

In this episode we talk about the museum’s founding, and its placement in New Orleans. We discuss Stephen Ambrose (Band of Brothers, and Eisenhower biographer) and Nick Mueller, the two who led the charge to create the National WWII Museum. We learn about Andrew Higgins and his landing craft.

Dr. Citino takes us on an audio tour of the museum where we learn about exhibits including:

  • The Arsenal of Democracy
  • Road to Tokyo
  • Road to Berlin
  • The D-Day Invasion of Normandy

We also discuss the 4D movie Beyond All Boundaries, and discuss ways to approach your visit to the museum Trip Advisor ranks as the #2 museum in the world.

All this and more on today’s show. I hope you’ll join us for this discussion!


To plan your visit to the National WWII Museum, be sure to visit their website. Be sure to visit their profiles page to read some of the stories of the brave men and women who were a part of what Tom Brokaw coined as the Greatest Generation.

You can  follow the National WWII Museum on Twitter (@WWIImuseum).

For information about Dr. Citino’s books, check out the museum bookstore.

Thank You

Thank you to Dr. Rob Citino for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm about telling the stories of WWII, D-Day, the home front and the Greatest Generation.

A special thanks to Mr. Keith Darcey, Public Relations Manager. Keith showed me around the museum, arranged the interview with Dr. Citino, and offered insights and suggestions that helped bring the discussion to life.

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