Moving to New Orleans, Part I – Episode 48
Moving to New Orleans Part 1

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Moving to New Orleans

Have you ever wanted to move to New Orleans? Wonder where to start and what you need to consider? This is the episode for you!
In today’s show, I sit down with three people who made the leap and moved to New Orleans.
Jennifer is a married mother of two young boys. She and her husband Andrew made the move in 2016 and are enjoying raising their kids as New Orleanians.
Terry and his wife Deah could have moved anywhere they wanted. After a bit of reflection, they packed their bags and moved from California to the Crescent City in early 2017.
Lara Beth and Gary fell in love with New Orleans as visitors. Almost on a whim she applied for a job in New Orleans, and two months later, they were New Orleanians. They arrived just a few months ago, in the summer of 2017.
You’ll hear their stories, including:
  • how they picked a neighborhood
  • what life has been like since the move
  • the things they enjoy, and
  • the challenges
We discuss schools, taxes, headaches, and only-in-New-Orleans experiences that make it all worthwhile. We also answer questions submitted by fellow listeners in our Facebook group.
All this and more on today’s show!

Time Stamps for Today’s Episode

Here are the time stamps from today’s show. This will allow you to go back and listen to the specific parts that are most useful for you.
0:48   thanks to Joel Sharpton from Pro Podcasting Services
1:25    join our Facebook group at
4:15    Jennifer shares her experience of moving to New Orleans with husband Andrew and their two sons
5:15    learn the reason Teddy’s Grill never served alcohol
5:45    Terry’s story about choosing New Orleans
6:02   why moving to New Orleans will help your popularity
6:20   Lara Beth talks about how she and Gary decided to make New Orleans home
8:30   Jennifer describes why they chose Lakeview when they moved to NOLA
9:30   Mark (finally!) remembers to mention Pizza NOLA, our host for today’s episode
10:45  Terry describes the decision to move from California to New Orleans
11:40  Terry talks about the interesting way they narrowed down the neighborhood they chose to live in
13:20  Lara Beth describes the process she and her husband used to select a neighborhood
14:14  Mark shares his experience moving home to New Orleans in 2011
18:30  the group discusses the relative cost of New Orleans compared to other cities
19:30  Taxes and insurance
24:20 What’s surprised you so far since your move to New Orleans?
31:40  everyone’s feelings now that they are New Orleanians
33:30 what do you think about your decision to move to New Orleans
34:45  the pumps and getting water out of the city after a storm
38:40  learning about culture (with a shout out to Chef James Cullen)
40:50  toughest thing about moving to the Crescent City
45:30  do you feel safe in New Orleans?
49:00  school choices in New Orleans
50:00  know about the One App, but know that some schools don’t use it
54:15   I’m so happy with the decision to move to New Orleans because of…
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Thank You

Thanks to Jennifer, Lara Beth, and Terry for joining me on the podcast! Thanks also to Lara Beth’s husband, Gary who took joined us off-mic and took pictures of the festivities.  I had so much fun getting to know them, and I believe their stories and will help anyone contemplating a move to New Orleans.

Talking into a microphone can be a bit intimidating, much less sharing your personal stories. Each of you were terrific and added a special touch to the show.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you!! I am so happy y’all decided to join the party and become New Orleanians.

Pizza Nola | 141 Harrison Avenue | Lakeview | 504-872-0731  – A special thanks to Will and Jennifer Samuels, and the gang at Pizza Nola for hosting us. Please stop in for pizza and gelato. Don’t forget about Dong Phuong king cakes during Carnival season, too.


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