Movies and TV Filmed in New Orleans

Movies and TV in New Orleans

Today’s episode is about one of our most-requested topics: movies and tv filmed in New Orleans!

Do you know which was the first film made in New Orleans? How about the fact Elvis, James Dean, and Roger Moore all appeared on the silver screen in movies made in the Crescent City?

In this episode we visit with Jonathan Ray, tour guide and owner of New Orleans Movie and TV Tours.

Join us as we discuss the earliest days of film in New Orleans. We make our way through time and the landscape of New Orleans through the camera lens. Along the way, you’ll learn about how the Central Business District became the playground of the apes, how Queen Latifah zip lined across Bourbon Street, and where to find the cast and set of NCIS.

All this and more in today’s episode of Beyond Bourbon Street!


You can find Jonathan on line at New Orleans Movie and TV Tours.  Links and show notes for today’s episode can be found at

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  1. Hey Mark….thanks for taking on one of my favorite subjects. Loved learning more….can’t wait to take Jonathan’s New Orleans Movie and TV Tour on my next visit…and will request Treme filming locations as I so loved that show and its authenticity. I’ve already subscribed to his Instagram feed and am loving all the behind the scenes goodies. Thank you for doing what you are doing….I so love living vicariously from New England!

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