Listener Questions with Liz Wood – Episode #132

Listener Questions with Liz Wood

Join me as I answer listener questions on a range of topics including real estate, live music, and more. I’m joined by Liz Wood, a local realtor and podcast sponsor as we tackle more than a dozen of your questions.


5:06 Now that live music seems to be back, at least somewhat, is there a performer or a group that you can’t wait to see perform live again

8:06 Can you talk about the various cooking schools?

12:21 What are your favorite “tourist” things to do in the city

16:16 How do the locals feel about the inevitable influx of tourism returning during what still is considered a global pandemic?

21:36 When we travel to New Orleans, it’s usually just my husband and me. We will be coming later this year with our son who will be 3. No car. If you could answer any questions about getting around the city, where to go or not go, that would be great! Big question, could we do Brennan’s for breakfast?

23:56 I’d love to hear some thoughts on traveling with a toddler (specifically a 3 year old). Do you think we could get away with going to Brennan’s for brunch? Are there restaurants that are not kid friendly? We definitely wouldn’t try to go to a fancy dinner with him.

30:30 What is your favorite time of year in New Orleans?

32:16 What are some the best off the beaten path places..bars/dive bars and etc that have the best t-shirts.

37:16 We are walkers and love roaming neighborhoods in Nola. What are some of your favorite streets or neighborhoods that make you happy and inspire you.

41:56 I am interested in hearing from Liz Wood about the NOLA real estate market after Covid-19.

46:16 I understand the issue with Airbnb but in cases where it simply makes more sense for someone to utilize that instead of a hotel is there a way to ensure you rent from a local ?

48:26 I like free outdoor spaces like The Singing Oak at City Park. Any hidden gems like that you’d recommend?

51:06 Thinking ahead to retirement, if you were thinking of retiring and moving to New Orleans, is it more cost effective to rent an apartment or purchase a home? What neighborhoods are best for retirees, age 55-60?

54:41 Jazz Fest is scheduled to take place the 2nd and 3rd weekends of October. Do you think I should come (pre-COVID I’d been to 20 consecutive Fests) or just wait for them to be back to their regular time of year in 2022?

57:36 How is your book coming along?

58:46 What are the busking laws (if any) in New Orleans?

59:36 Mark, I’d like to know if there’s a “thing” in some other city or part of the country that you wish were a thing in New Orleans.

1:03:36 What are the rules/customs regarding King Cake outside of the pre-Lenten season?

1:07:06 What would be your thoughts on 72 hours in the city. What’s your must do as a visitor with only 72 hours in town?

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