Hurricane Ida – #144

Hurricane Ida

Today’s episode is Hurricane Ida. More specifically what went into our decision to stay or go, and what things have been like afterwards.

Sponsor: The Historic New Orleans Collection

Support comes from The Historic New Orleans Collection, whose new book Economy Hall has been called “lyrical and mysterious and always captivating” by the New York Times.

Author Fatima Shaik follows the civil rights pioneers of Economy Hall through landmark events—from the Haitian Revolution to the birth of jazz—that shaped New Orleans and the United States. Visit Hall to learn more.


Kids Join the Fight

Kids Join the Fight is a foundation started by our nine year old friend Walker Beery who just lost his two year fight with pediatric brain cancer. was created by Walker and his family as a way to help others families find a cure and provide treatment. I’m asking you to consider a donation in memory of Walker as well as all the kids fighting pediatric cancer.

If You Want to Help Those Affected by Hurricane Ida

These are local organizations doing good work and putting funds into the affected communities:
The Cajun Navy – The Cajun Navy helps local officials with recovery and rescue.
Krewe of Red Beans – Krewe of Red Beans is a local carnival organization that does a lot through its benevolent association.
Mutual Aid Response Network
Common Ground Relief
Culture Aid NOLA
House of Tulip
Crescent Fund
Second Harvest
Bayou Fund

List of All Beyond Bourbon Street Partners & Sponsors

Liz Wood Realty
NOLA T-Shirt Club
Bienville Capital
Workplace Solutions
Tommy Manzella at Gulf Coast Bank & Trust
Honey Island Kayak Tours
The Occasional Wife
NOLA Boards
Access Strength
Old 77 Hotel
Sweet Olive Soap Works
New Orleans Architecture Tours)
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