History of New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park

City Park in New Orleans 

In this episode I talk with John Hopper, the Chief Development Officer and Director of Public Affairs for New Orleans City Park. We dive into the history of one of the largest urban parks in the United States.

City Park in New Orleans was first envisioned as a public place in the mid-1800s, but as you’ll learn, the land was first inhabited by Native Americans who found the land along Bayou Metairie suitable for their lifestyle.

It was later the site of the Allard Plantation before being purchased by John McDonogh for the purpose of giving it to the city to be used as a park.

John and I discuss the history of the park from its very beginning through present day. Along the way, you’ll hear stories of duels, grand architecture, the Works Progress Administration, a Mexican sculptor with ties to Pancho Villa, and more!


New Orleans City Park is located in the Midcity neighborhood of New Orleans and offers a wonderful place to explore, to eat beignets at Morning Call, or to run or walk under the majestic live oak trees. The website is the source of information and a calendar of events about City Park.

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Thanks to John Hopper, our guest for today’s episode.  Thanks as well to Kate McCreary for her help on researching the history of City Park for this episode.


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