The St. Louis Cemeteries of New Orleans – Episode #57
Little Sisters of the Poor tomb at St. Louis #3

Little Sisters of the Poor tomb at St. Louis #3

Cemeteries & Traditions in New Orleans

In this episode, Mark talks with Sally Asher, author of The St Louis Cemeteries of New Orleans.  Sally’s book is a fascinating exploration into the lives of the people buried in some of New Orleans’ most historic cemeteries.
Listen in as Mark and Sally talk about why New Orleanians bury their deceased above ground.  The two discuss the history behind the St. Louis cemeteries and describe what a second line is really about, plus the history of All Saints Day in the Crescent City.
Along the way, you’ll learn about a premier architect, a black officer in the Union Army, a religious order of Catholic nuns, a chess master, and many more.
By the end of this discussion, you’ll be booking a ticket to come to New Orleans and explore the cemeteries to see the architecture and learn about the people who now call them home! If you’re already a New Orleanian, go check out some of the sites and people you’ll hear about.
All this and more on episode #57 of Beyond Bourbon Street!
NOTE: This discussion originally aired in October 2016 on episode 22).


Sally Asher is the author of three books.  Check them out at local bookstores in New Orleans or purchase them online by clicking these links:
Instagram: @sally_asher

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