Chef Frank Brigtsen – Chasing Flavor with Paul Prudhomme

Brigtsen’s Creole Bistro
Brigtsen’s Restaurant | Riverbend | New Orleans
Brigtsen’s Creole Bistro
Brigtsen’s Restaurant | Riverbend | New Orleans

Chasing Flavor with Chef Frank Brigtsen

In this episode, I sit down with Chef Frank Brigtsen. He and his wife Marna own Brigtsen’s, one of the best Creole Bistros in New Orleans. Tucked into the Riverbend neighborhood just blocks from the streetcar, Brigtsen’s has been serving delicious Creole cuisine since 1986.

Chef Frank and I talk about Chef Paul Prudhomme and his influence on the New Orleans culinary scene, as well as on Chef Frank himself. Join us as we discuss Cajun versus Creole, Commander’s Palace, K-Pauls, Emeril Lagasse, and more.

Listen to Chef Frank describe the early days of what we now call the farm to table movement. Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck, Paul Prudhomme and others.

By the end of the show, you’ll be craving a bowl of Chef Frank’s famous filé gumbo!


Be sure to visit Frank and Marna at their Riverbend restaurant. Brigtsen’s is located at 723 Dante Street in Riverbend.  Make reservations by calling 504-861-7610. Check out their menu and learn even more about Brigtsen’s at Tell them Mark sent you from Beyond Bourbon Street!


You can follow Chef Frank Brigtsen @frankbrigtsen. Follow us for great images of New Orleans @BeyondBourbonSt.

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Thank you to Chef Frank Brigtsen for sharing his stories with us. I enjoyed learning about his relationship with Chef Paul Prudhomme and his and Marna’s own story!

Special thanks to you the listener for allowing me into your ears every other week. I truly enjoy sharing this city we both love!

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  1. Hey Mark…..really enjoyed this show and learning the history of some of the great Chef’s in NOLA. Now I’m dying to get to Brigtsen’s on my next visit!

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