How Bourbon Street Happened, a Discussion with Richard Campanella

View down Bourbon Street, c1900, courtesy Library of Congress and Bourbon Street: A History by Richard Campanella

All About Bourbon Street

Today’s episode is about the most famous street in New Orleans.

I originally planned this show as an April Fools’ edition, since the podcast is called Beyond Bourbon Street. As I started my research, however, I quickly came to the realization there wasn’t much written about the actual street.

I was about to shelve the idea when I realized local author, historian, and geographer Richard Campanella found the same lack of information and was inspired to write a book called Bourbon Street: A History.

Join me as I talk with Richard about (arguably) the most important street in New Orleans. We discuss its transformation from just another street to its present day status as one of the most infamous streets in the world. Along the way, you’ll learn about entrepreneurship, the creation of New Orleans as a tourist destination, and more.

We also discuss the invention of the go-cup and how present day Bourbon Street can be explained through the Huge Ass Beers available for purchase along this fifteen block stretch of excess!

You’ll learn about the architecture, the people, and the importance of Bourbon Street post-Katrina.

All this and more in today’s episode of Beyond Bourbon Street!


You can find Richard on line at You’ll find excerpts from all of his books, as well as a wonderful collection of images of New Orleans.

Richard’s books are available at local New Orleans booksellers, including Octavia Books, Garden District Book Shop and Maple Street Book ShopYou can also find Bourbon Street: A History on Amazon.

Links and show notes for today’s episode can be found at

Thank You

Thank you to Richard for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. This was an entertaining and educational discussion, and I hope the first of many!

A special thanks to you for allowing me into your ears every other week. I truly enjoy sharing this city we both love!

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