Dillard University – Episode #99

Dillard University, Gentilly, New Orleans

Dillard University Today’s episode is about Dillard University. Situated in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans, Dillard University is a historically black university, founded in 1930, but with roots going back to 1869. Join me as we visit the campus and learn about its mission, its history, and the impact of Dillard University graduates. All… Continue reading Dillard University – Episode #99

Coffee in New Orleans – Episode #98

Kevin Peadeux, Coast Roast Coffee

Coffee in New Orleans Today’s episode is all about coffee in New Orleans. It is the 3rd in a sub-series about staple crops or industries in Louisiana. We’ve previously talked about Tabasco (episode 87) and Camellia Brand red beans (episode 95). While coffee isn’t grown in New Orleans, the city has a long history with… Continue reading Coffee in New Orleans – Episode #98