Solo Travel Guide to New Orleans

Solo Travel to New Orleans Have you ever wanted to travel to New Orleans by yourself? If so, today’s episode is for you! Join Mark and his guest, Lorrie Shaw, as they discuss the ins and outs of exploring New Orleans on your own. The two cover all you need to know, including…. How to… Continue reading Solo Travel Guide to New Orleans

Baseball in New Orleans

1902 New Orleans Pelicans (S. Derby Gisclair personal collection)

Baseball in New Orleans New Orleans has never had a major league baseball team, but it does have a rich history with the national past time. Join Mark and his panel of guests as they explore the rich history of baseball in New Orleans from its earliest days through today. Today’s guests include… * Tim… Continue reading Baseball in New Orleans

Movies and TV Filmed in New Orleans

Movies and TV in New Orleans Today’s episode is about one of our most-requested topics: movies and tv filmed in New Orleans! Do you know which was the first film made in New Orleans? How about the fact Elvis, James Dean, and Roger Moore all appeared on the silver screen in movies made in the Crescent… Continue reading Movies and TV Filmed in New Orleans