The Beyond Bourbon Street podcast is all about helping you explore New Orleans like an insider.

If you’re planning a trip to New Orleans and want to cut through all the research we’re here to help.

We offer a personalized travel consult. Here’s how it works….

First you complete a brief questionnaire to help us get to know you and the experience you want to have in New Orleans. This includes things like your interests, budget and the dates of your visit.

Next, we set up a 20-30 minute phone or video call. During our discussion, I’ll ask a bunch of questions to help me get a sense of you and your expectations for your visit to New Orleans.

I will also want to know about styles and preferences of everyone in the group.

Here’s a sampling of things I like to cover:

  • When is your visit? Do you have specific dates or an estimate?
  • Will you have a car?
  • What type of accommodations do you like? (budget, moderate, boutique, luxury)
  • Do you intend to use points to cover the hotel?
  • Price points for the trip (for each aspect)
  • Overall interests, including but not limited to: food, music, history, hobbies, culture, art, fitness, other?
  • Tell me about your best travel experience

After our discussion, I will prepare a customized list of recommendations based on our conversation and will deliver it to you by email within 10-14 days, though we may adjust this based on the actual date of your visit.

The document varies based on what the person needs and wants, but typically include places to stay, eat, visit, see, do, etc. It is customized for you and for the time period you plan on visiting New Orleans. Where applicable, I provide links, phone numbers, and contact information for the businesses listed. I also provide notes, suggestions, and insider tips similar to what you hear on the podcast.  For instance, if I recommend a particular restaurant and happen to love a certain dish on the menu, I’ll mention it.

The length of the document and number of suggestions varies based on what you need, but is typically 5-10 pages in length. I do not make any reservations and I cannot guarantee anything related to services and products offered by the businesses I suggest.

After you receive and review the document, I will answer follow up questions via email. 

I am currently offering this service for $129. If you would like to purchase, click through to the PayPal link here. Once you complete the checkout, I’ll send you an email to schedule a time to talk. 

I do prefer that you book this service at least 30 days prior to the dates of your visit. This allows us ample time to help you prepare for your trip. If you need a consult sooner, please send me an email before booking. You can reach me at:

I hope to see you in New Orleans soon!