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Great Places to Eat Vegan & Vegetarian in New Orleans

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  • Theresa Bossenova says:

    I can’t tell you how helpful this is. I know the vegans would shutter to hear this, but I am carnivore with a dairy allergy. Although I’ve been to New Orleans several times, eating in the city can be challenging for me with many dishes layered with butter, cream, milk or cheese. I love the taste of all of those favors but my body rejects it all. Before this podcast, I’ve done my own research on safe places for me to eat. That’s how I discovered the Breads on Oak shop…OMG they are sooooooo delicious! There are a few places that I still need to try like Seed and Sneaky Pickle. Thankfully my Husband is very understanding of my dietary requirements and doesn’t mind being adventurous with food.

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