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Louisiana Plantation Country – Episode #55


  • Hi Mark, Thanks for listing our article on the 12 Louisiana plantations we visited in your post, it looks like you used a lot of our material for your podcast and notes. Hope it was helpful and we did indeed visit all 12 plus a couple of others that are not currently open to the public. We have a detailed guide to each plantation and regularly update our info to help readers plan their trips! Hope to get back to Louisiana for another visit soon 😉 Best, Jessica

    • mbologna says:

      Hi, Jessica!

      We spent three days traveling up and down river road, and had numerous conversations with tourism officials and plantation staff. At some point I did a Google search and found your terrific article. I have all the information from the plantation sites, but really wanted to drive traffic to your site, since you all have a first-hand experience. I hope to meet you two if you ever swing back through Louisiana!

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